Application Process

General Information

  • A waiting list for the affordable units has been started.
  • We are still accepting applications for the attainable units. 
  • ONLY COMPLETE applications will be considered.
  • Unit preferences will be granted to those first in line. If an applicant does not qualify or decides not to purchase the unit, the unit will become available to the next in line.
  • If an applicant qualifies but their unit preferences are taken the applicant will be notified and offered available options.
  • Unit options are dependent on qualifications/approval amounts.
  • Once selected and unit is confirmed, applicant will need to provide a $2500 deposit and sign a reservation agreement. 
  • Closing on the units will be in Fall 2019 (estimated). 
  • Please review the restrictive covenants before committing to purchase.

**We are still accepting applications for the attainable housing**


Application checklist

Only complete applications will be accepted and reviewed

  • Completed application​.
  • 2017 tax return for the entire household​.
  • Completed employer verification form for entire household over 18 years old​.
  • Financial statements such as retirement, stocks, bonds, trust/shares, checking and savings account balances​.
  • Pre-approval letter from a mortgage lender​.


How to submit



We strongly suggest submitting the applications by email. Applications are placed in order.



Please contact us if you are unable to submit application via email.